awareness = attention,
consciousness; attentiveness;
to be aware = to be informed, to be
sensitized for certain issues

At events (parties, demonstrations, festivals, camps, conferences, etc.), a bunch of unique people with different life orientations, experiences and stories often bump into each other/meet. We would like to do more justice to this diversity in events we organize. This requires an awareness of one‘s own position and privileges, as well as openness to positions of others. In the context of the regular Libertarian Days (LiTa) in
Dresden, we as an organizing team thought about how we want to deal with the topic of awareness within our event series and what structures this requires. This resulted in the impulse to bundle our texts, thoughts, ideas and concepts and to make them visible in a zine. The zine should inspire people to think about awareness structures in their events so not everybody needs to begin at the complete beginning and has to reinvent the wheel over and over again. 🙂