15. – 22.09. 2019 Libertarian Days

Mitschnitte der Präsentationen von LiTa2019

The Libertarian Days are taking place in Dresden again in 2019. As the years before, they will be held in September, from the 15th to 22nd. You can look forward to different events, workshops, film-screenings, music and interesting discussions about social struggles, anarchy and of course revolution. Beside local groups taking part there will also be events with people from different parts of the world, showing other perspectives and broadening the discussions.

In addition, the Libertarian Days will meet the Datenspuren this year – at the weekend of the 19th to 22nd September there are events in Zentralwerk in Dresden which are organized in cooperation of the two. Some think, Dresden isn’t a place for left politics, others are already planning to leave in perspective of the upcoming elections and the possible participation of the AfD in the government coalition.

We do think, it is important to stay, to get organized and to struggle together: for a solidary, versatile and antiauthoritarian society. That’s why we invite you to join the Libertarian Days 2019, to take part in the discussions and to get organized and connected with each other. We are glad to open the door for you for anarchist ideas, theory and practice and it is up to you to enter and find out more! If you want to take part but you neither are from Dresden nor you have any contacts in the city, then send us an e-mail and get in touch with us. We are happy to organize places for sleeping and to accompany you through the city during the week.

For those who would like to take part in organizing the Libertarian Days there will be such a possibility as well. We have a volunteer-system where you can sign in for different tasks. Since these days are living by DIY – do it yourself – we are looking forward to your participation, so we can create a great week collectively and with joined efforts.

See you in September in Dresden,
Libertarian Days Organizing-Crew