Solidarity Collectives – Interview about solidarity work with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is going on now for 5 month and our solidarity is still necessary. We talked with Yuri a member of the network Solidarity Collectives about the challenges the activists are facing within their work, why the initiative Operation Solidarity was transformed, what is the focus of the new initiative and what are the wishes and advises towards the comrades from abroad.

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No one will be left alone – prisoner solidarity in Belarus

Banner from Minsk in 2021 : Freedom is born in struggle

ABC Belarus is calling urgently for donations to continue their support of the anarchist and antifascist prisoners in Belarus. Since the uprising in 2020 the repression keeps going and right now there are 30 Antifascists and Anarchists imprisoned. The number is growing. In this interview a member of the solidarity campaign is explaining the recent situation in Belarus in general, as well as the situation of imprisoned people, how the repression is continuing and why so much money is needed.

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A russian perspective on the war in Ukraine #39

Already on March 2, we conducted an interview with the independent journalist Dmitry Okrest. We talked about his perspective on the war, the reaction of society in general and the anarchist movement specifically, the ideology behind the war, and the impact the war has on russian society.

Information from anarchist perspective in Russia:

Elephant in the room #38 – Update on the situation at the polish-belarusian border

For many years the authoritarian regime of Lukashenko was providing the European Union with border security. The deal was simple – the dictator prevents refugees going through Belarus to the EU and gets money and training for the border guards in return. Despite sanctions from 2011 to 2015 Frontex was actively supporting and developing the Belarusian border regime.

At the end of 2020 the Situation changed. The EU imposed sanctions in response to the brutal repression of the uprising in Belarus against the dictatorship. Lukashenko, in turn, stopped protecting the borders. This created a new route to enter the EU. The conservative governments of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia introduced laws to legalize push backs and started militarizing the borders. Poland created a so-called restricted zone where nobody except residence, police and military is allowed.

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Elephant in the room #37 – Anarchists and war in Ukraine

For weeks, Putin has been moving military forces in the direction of Ukraine. Over 120 000 soldiers with military equipment spread all around the border. The chance of military invasion is extremely high with Ukrainian government mobilizing forces and different countries sending military support. Putin continues to build up military pressure. Official reason: attempt to stop expansion of NATO. In reality, we see Russian imperial politics in action with an attempt to return influence over Ukraine.

Anarchist in Ukraine have their own perspective on what is happening as well as what can be done in upcoming situation. We spoke to the activist currently living in the country about past, present and possible future of political conflicts in Ukraine and outside it.

art – David Chichkan