AND (Anarchist Network Dresden) is an anarchist network of groups and individuals in Dresden sharing the same principles and coordinating different struggles inside the city. We want to create a way for people to get together and start working on issues that they think are important.

You are welcome to join the network simply by doing so. There is no official procedure for applying, we only ask to respect the following shared principles:

– We stand for a free and equal world based on anarchism: instead of the modern rat race of competition we propose a creative world of cooperation.

– We reject any form of economical, political or governmental oppression, no matter if it is enacted by the state, individuals or other structures. Therefor we oppose capitalist, imperialist and neocolonial ways of thinking and acting.

– We embrace direct action, civil disobedience and education on the grassroot level – we do not need professional politicians and organizers – our network is built with collective efforts respecting contributions from everyone. We do not accept any forms of state organizations. People, who try to participate in there role as representatives of: parties, NGOs and governmental institutions are not welcome in the network.

– We oppose any forms of discrimination and oppression including but not limited to: gender oppression, racism, antisemitism, nationalism and religious fundamentalism. Instead of that, we strive for a society of solidarity.

– We organize locally in our houses, neighborhoods and the city of Dresden. At the same time we do not forget that policies and decisions are also made on higher levels. That is why we are encouraging everybody to participate in building up structures beyond our region.

– Through our efforts we would like to give you examples of living collectives, that are capable of organizing without state structures – with all the respective ups and downs.

– Together we want to share, question and evolve our political perspectives.

– Inside of the network we build up an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. We want to take care of each other, no matter of origin or education.

– We would like to step out of organized closed groups and open the doors of the anarchist movement to everyone, who would like to join it.

*This principles are the basic for our political acting and will be constantly discussed.

Following anarchist collective from the city are associated with AND: