25 June 2022 – Queer Pride Dresden

Our Invitation

We all live in Dresden, but many of us come from other places. We speak French, Arabic, Spanish, Saxon and other languages. We got to know each other last year when we organised the first Pride and since then many more have joined us. We are a colourful bunch of people who have different positions in life. We have different amounts of money, we have different levels of health, we have different professions and our views on life are diverse. That makes it sometimes complicated but also particularly beautiful. And we all have one thing in common: we are queer.
We will celebrate a queer Pride again in 2022. It is important for us to be very visible and audible on the streets on this day. Our joint demo will be a prelude to many more relationships! Especially after the difficult pandemic times when many of us have felt lonely.

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Film & discussion about the war in Ukraine

15th of June, 8pm
AZ Conni, Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39

Original Post

All leftists, anarchists and peace movements have written their fingers to the bone about the war against the people in Ukraine. The struggle for the „right“ positioning runs through the leftist press, all online platforms and is also reflected in the streets. Symbolically and perhaps also practically, aid campaigns and fundraising for Operation Solidarity¹ and actions against NATO troop deployments are facing each other.

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No one will be left alone – prisoner solidarity in Belarus

Banner from Minsk in 2021 : Freedom is born in struggle

ABC Belarus is calling urgently for donations to continue their support of the anarchist and antifascist prisoners in Belarus. Since the uprising in 2020 the repression keeps going and right now there are 30 Antifascists and Anarchists imprisoned. The number is growing. In this interview a member of the solidarity campaign is explaining the recent situation in Belarus in general, as well as the situation of imprisoned people, how the repression is continuing and why so much money is needed.

Fundraising campaign: https://www.firefund.net/abcbelarus
Website ABC-Belarus: abc-belarus.org

Mayday rally

Since earliest times, anarchists have been fighting for the workers’ movement, be it through militant strikes like the enforcement of the legal recognition of the 8-hour day, by distributing their own newspapers or as a driving force in trade unions.May Day is anarchist in nature and should be used to commemorate achievements and develop further ideas for a better society.

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