15.09 – 22.09 Libertarian Days 2019 in Dresden

The Libertarian Days are taking place in Dresden again in 2019. As the years before, they will be held in September, from the 15th to 22nd. You can look forward to different events, workshops, film-screenings, music and interesting discussions about social struggles, anarchy and of course revolution. Beside local groups taking part there will also be events with people from different parts of the world, showing other perspectives and broadening the discussions.

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Hammer and Sickle is not a symbol of freedom

In many public and alternative places around Germany you can find people painting hammer and sickle. Stickers with those symbols are combined with slogans for liberation and freedom. It seems like a lot of people have faith that this symbol is directly representing all the currents of the communist movement. It goes mistakenly to the extent that some of the anarchist next to traditional a in a circle paint hammer and sickle to show their affiliation with anarcho-communist movement.

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Getting organized as anarchist in Dresden!

September was filled with theoretical discussions and presentation on anarchism and different sides of it. Libertarian days did bring a lot of people closer to the idea of anarchism. However sympathizing to the ideas is one thing, organizing to reach those ideals – is completely different story.

To prove that anarchism is a living alternative to capitalism we have to get organized and this is our call to you. In case you are still hesitating or you are completely alone and don’t know what to do – we will try to help you out.

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We don’t call the police?

The more we move to future the more we see how German society is getting hooked up on police forces. Police is called resolve conflicts starting from street fight and ending up with somebody scratching a car next to you. Domination of police in sphere of conflict resolution is something that is completely destroying possibilities of people to interact with each other. Instead of creating ways of to solve the conflicts together we more and more appeal to the state to make this resolution. And even worse – we appeal to the state muscle which police is to resolve our issues. It’s like asking an elephant to run a China shop. And you know what? I think between elephant and police i would still pick up the first.

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Libertarian Days Dresden 2018 09.09 – 16.09

For fifth time libertarian days are hitting Dresden. Once again for a week we will blow your mind with presentations, screenings and other events that will open to all those interested the doors to the anarchist world. Activist from Dresden and outside will talk about the things that are going on in different social struggles!

However anarchism is not only about presentations! We will also have some workshops that might inspire you for activity for the next year! And we still remember words of Emma Goldmann – “If i can dance it’s not my revolution” – to address that we will have a party… on the first day of libertarian days!

So get yourself ready and don’t forget to bring your friends, your family and your dog!

*each evening during libertarian days we will have warm food

Program – https://and.notraces.net/de/libertare-tage-dresden-2018/