Demonstration, 16 November: Accommodation instead of deportation!

16 November 2022 at 14 o’clock
Demonstration starts: Postplatz Dresden

Accommodation instead of deportation!
No human being is illegal, everybody has the right to stay anywhere!

That’s why we will be on the streets together
From the immigration office to the deportation prison.

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Elephant in the Room #42 – Situation of prisoners in Ukraine and Russia during the war

The war in Ukraine has kept everyone’s attention for over eight months now. Many were horrified by the atrocities that accompany war efforts and are ongoing. We see dead soldiers, tortured civilians, sad faces of those who found their relatives killed and happy cries of locals on de-occupied territories. However, not much is known about one of the most marginalised and invisible groups of the population – the prisoners.
In this interview with talk with Masha from ABC-Belarus, who wrote an article about the situation of prisoners in Ukraine and Russia. We focus on the situation of facilities in occupied territories, people inside the prisons, forced labor of prisoners and more.

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FUNDRAISING TOUR: Anarchist struggle in Belarus and repression

Event in Dresden :

Tuesday, 25 October 2022
Dinner starts 6 pm, Presentation 6.30pm
AZ Conni, Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, 01097 Dresden
Event will be in english

In 2020 belarusian society rose against the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko and his minions. For months people organized, demonstrated and fought for a just and free society. However, the state prevailed and started smashing the protest step by step. It’s been more than 2 years since the beginning of the uprising. Thousands ended up in prison for many years. Among them anarchists and antifascists who stood on the streets with the people. Despite already a long period of time that passed since the protests, the state terror continues, with more arrests on the regular basis for participation in the protests or continuing resistance against the regime.

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Repression, Abuse and (Sexualized) Torture in Spanish Prisons – movie and discussion

Tuesday, 18.10.2022 @malobeo, Kamenzer Straße 38, Dresden
🔪16:30 – Cooking together
🌽19:00 – Eating
📽 20:00 – Documentary and discussion with a former political prisoner from Basque Region

The Basque independence left has had to mourn over 10,000 political prisoners since 1960. Among them were numerous women. The documentary “Bi Arnas” (Basque with German subtitles) tells the story of María Nieves Díaz and her tortured daughter Iratxe Sorzabal.

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Thanks for your support for Lita2022

Hello you all,
“Libertäre Tage” 2022 are over for this year.

From Thursday to Sunday last week so many cool workshops and presentations took place, a lot of tasty vegan food was cooked and snacked and many people came in contact with each other and were hanging around with us for days!

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