Spontaneous demo for solidarity with people in Ukraine

24.02. 18:00 @Jorge-Gomondai-Platz, Dresden

On Thursday, 24.02.22, at around 5am, Putin launched an imperialist war of aggression by invading Ukraine. Explosions were reported from the largest cities in the country. This makes it clear that it is not just about the Lukansk and Donetsk regions in eastern Ukraine.The war in Ukraine means flight, injury and death of many people. Cities, villages, livelihoods are being destroyed. Putin’s patriarchal, imperial fantasies are not worth the loss of even a single life!

According to the latest reports, Russian troops have entered the northern part of the capital region of Kiev.

Many Ukrainians who have actively resisted Russia’s increasing influence in recent years and who would face persecution in the event of an annexation are already on the run, others are staying in the area. They need solidarity structures, protection and financial support. Time is pressing and it is important to act quickly!

We call on you to counter the Kremlin’s aggression with all the means you deem appropriate. Against the annexation of territories under any pretext, against the deployment of the Russian army in Ukraine, against militarization and finally against war. Let’s go to the streets!

To show our solidarity with the people of Ukraine and our anarchist companions, we are meeting today for a spontaneous demonstration.

Come to the Jorge-Gomdai-Platz in Dresden at 6pm!We will also collect donations for the support of solidarity structures at the demonstration.

Against Annexations and Imperial Aggression

Mural text: No war between people! No peace between classes!

A Statement from Russian Anarchists against Russian Aggression in Ukraine. It appeared in Russian on avtonom.org, a media project that grew out of the libertarian communist network Autonomous Action.

Printversion and other formats of the text at The Anarchist Library.

Yesterday, on February 21, an extraordinary meeting of the Russian Security Council was held. As part of this theatrical act, Putin forced his closest servants to publicly “ask” him to recognize the independence of the so-called “people’s republics” of the Luhansk People’s Republic [LPR] and Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR] in eastern Ukraine.

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Solidarity from Dresden with people in Ukraine!

To show our solidarity with the people in Ukraine and our anarchist comrades, we took a solidarity picture at the Elbe today.

Since today Russian soldiers are officially marching into Ukraine to occupy the regions of Lugansk and Donetzk, where this will lead is unclear. There has been a civil war in the region since 2014.

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Elephant in the room #38 – Update on the situation at the polish-belarusian border

For many years the authoritarian regime of Lukashenko was providing the European Union with border security. The deal was simple – the dictator prevents refugees going through Belarus to the EU and gets money and training for the border guards in return. Despite sanctions from 2011 to 2015 Frontex was actively supporting and developing the Belarusian border regime.

At the end of 2020 the Situation changed. The EU imposed sanctions in response to the brutal repression of the uprising in Belarus against the dictatorship. Lukashenko, in turn, stopped protecting the borders. This created a new route to enter the EU. The conservative governments of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia introduced laws to legalize push backs and started militarizing the borders. Poland created a so-called restricted zone where nobody except residence, police and military is allowed.

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With power through the wall – against social isolation!

Call for a rally at the Chemnitz Women’s Prison of the feminist anti-prison alliance – 6 March 3pm

On March 6, two days before the international feminist day of struggle, we will demonstrate in front of the Chemnitz Women’s Prison. We want to show the women and Queers imprisoned there: You are not alone! We know that you feel the oppression, the violence and the exploitation in our society. But we also see how many of you fight back, stand up for your rights and help each other – and we stand by your side.

The occasion for our rally is March 8, the international feminist day of struggle. All over the world, women and queers, i.e. people of other genders such as trans and inter people, are taking to the streets to protest the ongoing oppression by men and by a patriarchal system.We are standing shoulder to shoulder around the world against physical, psychological and sexual violence, against the multitude of murders of women, against unpaid domestic and care work, against lower pay, against discrimination, against being forced to marry and have children, against the ban on abortion and against many problems of the system in which we live.

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