Queer Uprising in Poland

In the last year feminist as well as queer feminist protest was really present in poland. Taking in account, that poland is a conservative and catholic country this was quite a huge mobilization and push towards self organization. The protest was connected with two aspects, on one hand the change of the antiabortion law and on the other hand the increasing homophobic propaganda.
In this interview with a transender anarchist from Warzaw we look back and talk about the queer uprising, the repression and the impact on the queer movement.


SIKSA – Proste hasło

blokada Kraków 26.10.2020 // Di Libe brent wi a nase Szmate 

PLAC – Di Libe brent wi a nase Szmate + Rytmy Oporu Sambrokato

Proszę WYP*******Ć – Justyna Biedrawa  

Homomilitia – Homophobia

Glamour – Glitter Stomp

Homomilitia – police story

Links for the show

Abortion without Borders

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