Elephant in the Room #43 – Feminist perspective on the Revolution in Iran and the Iranian diaspora

Picture: Woman standing on a burning rubbish bin, waving her veil. Tehran, 1 October 2022, https://freethinker.co.uk

Baharak is an Iranian living in exile for some years already. She had to leave Iran and is now located in Leipzig. We talked about the feminist aspects of the revolution in Iran and the problems which appear with the uprising in the diaspora. The diaspora is as diverse as the people today in the streets of Iran. And different groups claim the revolution for their believes.

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Elephant in the Room #42 – Situation of prisoners in Ukraine and Russia during the war

The war in Ukraine has kept everyone’s attention for over eight months now. Many were horrified by the atrocities that accompany war efforts and are ongoing. We see dead soldiers, tortured civilians, sad faces of those who found their relatives killed and happy cries of locals on de-occupied territories. However, not much is known about one of the most marginalised and invisible groups of the population – the prisoners.
In this interview with talk with Masha from ABC-Belarus, who wrote an article about the situation of prisoners in Ukraine and Russia. We focus on the situation of facilities in occupied territories, people inside the prisons, forced labor of prisoners and more.

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Solidarity Collectives – Interview about solidarity work with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is going on now for 5 month and our solidarity is still necessary. We talked with Yuri a member of the network Solidarity Collectives about the challenges the activists are facing within their work, why the initiative Operation Solidarity was transformed, what is the focus of the new initiative and what are the wishes and advises towards the comrades from abroad.

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No one will be left alone – prisoner solidarity in Belarus

Banner from Minsk in 2021 : Freedom is born in struggle

ABC Belarus is calling urgently for donations to continue their support of the anarchist and antifascist prisoners in Belarus. Since the uprising in 2020 the repression keeps going and right now there are 30 Antifascists and Anarchists imprisoned. The number is growing. In this interview a member of the solidarity campaign is explaining the recent situation in Belarus in general, as well as the situation of imprisoned people, how the repression is continuing and why so much money is needed.

Fundraising campaign: https://www.firefund.net/abcbelarus
Website ABC-Belarus: abc-belarus.org

A russian perspective on the war in Ukraine #39

Already on March 2, we conducted an interview with the independent journalist Dmitry Okrest. We talked about his perspective on the war, the reaction of society in general and the anarchist movement specifically, the ideology behind the war, and the impact the war has on russian society. 

Information from anarchist perspective in Russia: avtonom.org