Demonstration – Until the Kremlin burns down

24.02.2023, 17:30
Jorge-Gomondai-Platz, Dresden

When Putin and his troops started their full scale invasion, they and their allies thought that ukrainian people will run at the first sight of russian tanks. Reality showed that in Ukraine even grandpas with sticks can stop russian troops. It’s been a long year for many who fight on the front lines and organize solidarity with the fight against russian imperialism. A year of suffering and losses. But it was also a year of struggle, solidarity and triumph of resistance against so called russian world.

One year after all of that we want to meet and walk through the streets of Dresden, where politicians are quite often friendly to Putin and his friends. We want to be loud to remember those who are not with us anymore and those who are still fighting not only for their own freedom but also for freedoms of others. We want to show that our solidarity with resistance to Putin and his ghouls will not stop until Kremlin burns down.

For the end of the war and the end of the russian empire
Anarchists and Antifascists from Dresden


As of yesterday, 23.01. there is an acute danger of eviction of the forest occupation HEIBO near Dresden. 

For the eviction and the time after it not only nerves and care are needed, but also money.

It can be assumed that soon there will be high repression costs. These costs can not be covered at the moment. Therefore we need YOUR support now! Help us to distribute the burden of punishment of individuals collectively on many shoulders. The utopias and goals of HEIBO are those of a good world for all of us.

Name: “Donations&Actions” 
IBAN: “DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06”
Subject: “Heibo

Very IMPORTANT: This is a community account, the subject must be indicated! HEIBO is not a legal institution (e.g. association), that means “donations” is a colloquial word for gifts here.

Elephant in the Room #44 – No Borders Team about the developement at the polish-belarusian border

In this interview we are talking with people of the No Borders Team, an anarchist collective from Poland, about the situation at the polish-belarusian border in the past year.
The north-eastern European migration route experienced a devastating renaissance late summer of 2021. The monster of EU has in turn showed its ugly face yet again too. Politicians feeding the narrative of danger through migration, lining up with right-wing and conservative forces. Europe defends its wealth with all possible means and accepts the death of people without hesitation.

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Presentation with No Borders Team in Malobeo

We want to invite you for a meeting with people from the No Borders Team, an anarchist collective from Poland, working on the polish-belarusian border.

Thursday, 1 December 2022
Malobeo, Kamenzerstr. 38, 01099 Dresden
6pm – Food for All
7pm – movie, presentation and discussion
– event will be in English

We also wanna collect donations for the work of the No Borders Team.

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