Friday, 01.10.- Sunday 03.10. – “UNRÄUMBAR”-Festival in Heibo – Soli-film for Ella

Close to Dresden there is a forest occupation (Heibo – Heidebogen) which is there to prevent a mine company from expanding an open-pit gravel mine and with this clearing a huge area of trees, contaminating the ground water and destroy the moors in the area.
During the weekend the activists in Heibo are organizing a festival called “Unräumbar”, so we want to collectively travel to the forest by bike and by train.

We are meeting at 16:30 in front of Bahnhof Neustadt, taking our bikes with us and catching a train at 16:49 (direction Königsbrück) to Ottendorf-Okrilla from where we continue biking to Heibo (ca 7km, 30 min).

At 18:30 a film “Ella – Repression Against Danni-Activist” begins and after there is some music planned.

Whoever wants can stay in the forest for the whole length of the festival and attend workshops on topics like climbing, carrot-dildo cutting, building tripods and barricades, playfighting, consent and so on. Or stay and be a part of the forest occupation since the clearing season is starting in October!

And for the others – there will be a group of people going to Dresden by bikes on Friday night.

“Ella – Repression Against Danni-Activist”

It was a deterrent sentence after a long period of pre-trial detention: The still “unknown person no. 1” was sentenced to two years and three months in prison. The dramatic court proceedings were based completely on fabrications. Several SEK police officers (special police forces) told a freely story about the events surrounding the eviction of the forest occupation against the A49 in autumn 2020. They fantasised about kicks and kneeing, danger to life, fear of death and injuries. Blackened certificates with dates that did not match the day of the crime were accepted as evidence. Contradictions between statements on the day itself and the fabricated accusations days or weeks later were turned into misunderstandings. It was absolutely clear: With “Ella”, named as unknown person (UP1), a random victim had been found to discredit and scare off the whole movement. Obviously, the lobbyists of a “business-as-usual” car society and the authoritarian-political judiciary wanted to strike a blow against activists, fighting for transport-change, as they were clearly strengthened by the occupation of the Dannenröder Forest. The Alsfeld judge Süß made himself a stooge and willing enforcer. Paradox: He weakened Ella’s defence by refusing to accept two of the three planned defence lawyers with the absurd argument, that they were critical of the motorway construction. He himself belongs to a party that is openly in favour of motorways on regional and national level – but for him the invented rule of political neutrality did not apply.

The film “Ella” is a response to the judicial scandals. Solidarity contexts have, through careful research made a film that clearly proves what happened on the fateful 26 November 2020 in the Dannenröder forest. The public prosecutor’s office and the district court refused to take note of the evidence that proof the lies of the police. The film will show them. The film will be shown for the first time on 1 October, the anniversary of the police attack on the the forest occupation – in a great many places at the same time. A list of events taking place at this day will be published on

Movie screening in/next to Dresden at 1 October 2021

6:30pm – next to Dresden: Heibo-Waldbesetzung

8pm – Dresden: at Mangelwirtschaft – Overbeckstraße 26, kittchen for all at 7pm

No one is free until all are free!
Freedom for Ella!

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