There is no ethical consumption under capitalism?

Discussion, Zine* Workshop + Food (Küfa)

Wednesday, 17.11., 15:00-19:00; @malobeo, Kamenzer Straße 38, 01099 Dresden

Based on an already existing text about a critique of a consumption critique we want to discuss about consumption under capitalism. Is it possible to buy ethically in this economic system? Are fair-trade products really fair? What about supporting local activist collectives? Can you even do something “good” under capitalism? The goal of this gathering is to create a zine* with our short texts, statements being supported by collages, drawings or other art/handcraft pieces. Don’t be shy – there should be something for everybody! The discussion can be in English and in German – depends on the needs of participants. If you want to, you can bring a laptop or some handcrafting material with you, however there will be material available that you can use as well.

Küfa shall be ready around 18:00.

*zine – An inexpensively produced, noncommercial, self-published, often homemade publication

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