01.03.-02.03. Collection of donations for Ukraine

Monday, 28.02.22 14-18 o’clock at PlatzDa! (Wernerstrase 21 in DD Löbtau)
Tuesday, 01.03.22 16-19 o’clock at malobeo (kamenzerstrasse 38 in DD Neustadt)
Wednesday, 02.03.22 18-22 o’clock in the malobeo (kamenzerstrasse 38 in DD Neustadt)

Dear people,
Next Monday a convoy will travel from Dresden to the Ukrainian border to support people there who are looking for help. For this purpose (material) donations are still being collected. Therefore the PlatzDa! and the malobeo will open at different times to accept donations, which will be collected by the convoy. Below you will find a list of things that are needed. Please make sure that the donations are in a condition where they can still be used, especially for hygiene items, diapers etc.

– diapers / wet wipes
– baby food
– period supply
– hygiene items for body care

– glucose (dextrose)
– water
– Canned food, Cereal products, instant soups, Coffee/Tea, Energy drinks
– Sugar, All non-perishable, Individually packaged food

– Thermal underwear
– Shoes in different sizes
– rescue/thermal blankets
– Sleeping bags

– Painkillers (ibuprofen/paracetamol)
– antipyretics
– Gastrointestinal medications (against stomache issues)
– first-aid-kids
– bandages etc

– Powerbanks (charched with cable)
– Gasoline
– ️️️hand/ head light torches
– camping gas heater / stoves

Thank you very much for the help of the donors and supporters in the convoy!

The coordination for the support of Ukrainian refugees (e.g. accommodation, counseling, refugee support) runs through the Seebrücke Dresden and the telegram group ‘Ukraine Solidarity Dresden’ (t.me/soli_ukraine_dd ).
All donations are centralized in the Zentralwerk (Riesaerstrasse 32, Dresden Pieschen). You could also bring them directly there. To support Direkthilfe Dresden, join the telegram group ‘DirekthilfeDresden-Spendenmanagement’ (t.me/DirekthilfeDresden )

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