Spontaneous demonstration today in Dresden against the war in Ukraine

Today in Dresden took place a spontaneous demonstration against the invasion of Russian soldiers in Ukraine, in which 250 people participated. The event began at Albertplatz with speeches from various speakers and groups. Afterwards there was a demo across the pedestrian street to Neumarkt, where people could join a vigil with over 1000 people.

We took to the streets today against Putin’s imperialist policies. Because of this, people are currently being displaced and killed. We stand with all people in Ukraine and Russia who are fighting against the Russian dictatorship. The war always benefits only those who instigate it, who exercise power and economic interests. The people who suffer are those who did not want this war.

On this occasion, today also a few demo slogans were re-purposed, here for inspiration, it will probably not be the last demo.

Against all imperialism Down with Putin and for anarchism
Putin Nation Capital Shit
Peace Self-determination Solidarity Stop Putin’s aggressiveness

Many thanks to all who were there today.
There were also a lot of donations. Huge thanks!

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