The end of Circle-A era

For last year many of you send us texts for new Circle-A issues. Even more were bombarding us with regular question about where is the next magazine. We believe that for society attacked by coronavirus and capitalism Circle-A would be an important instrument. However the situation inside the collective have changed radically and we have to announce the end of the project.

Everything that has a beginning has and end. This was a crazy ride! In this years we got so many positive and negative reviews from famous world politicians. Some of them were even sending us reviews from the grave! Imagine how important a DIY magazine from Dresden became for the world politics? Apart from that some of you were regular contributors to the magazine and we would like to thank you for that. This collaboration was an important work for the anarchist movement in our city and region. And we hope that our crosswords didn’t drive you crazy because they were so complicated.

Are we going to tell you why we are ending?! Fuck yeah! Who else but us is going to tell you all the shit that is going on in Dresden?

So for many years some members of our collective were struggling with certain individual in the leftist antifascist scene. This individual did a lot of crappy thing that most of the people in the leftist circles of Dresden know. This included constant psychological pressure, stalking and set of other “achievements”. The problem with this person was developing really slow and for certain part of Dresden left and anarchist it was not even a problem. The guy could and the girl should go. A simple solution used in most of conflicts inside of this “progressive” movement.

However some of the people from AND, ABC and other structures trying to intervene into the problematic process and almost for year were organizing together community accountability process. But all the cool guys know that community accountability is bullshit. So after several month of collective efforts the guy with the help of his cool friends dropped out of the process and just got back into the leftist scene. Luckily the guy could put some posters on the walls of the city, push 40kg from the bench and wear proper clothes. So he was gladly accepted back into antifa leftist scene. After failed CA process and no further cooperation possibilities certain people tried to push him out of the leftist structures unless he changes his behavior. Did it work? Of course not! I mean you are still in Dresden, and not on the moon!

So the guy stayed. And some of our comrades decided that it was enough of the bullshit in this city and decided to move their energy and passion into other places where the words and actions somehow align. At least a little bit…

So the collective of Circle-A doesn’t exist anymore. Dresden returned to it’s normality. I know that you are most probably extremely sad about the lack of Circle-A in your town, but you know what? You can start something like Circle-A by yourself. And attack capitalism, authority and some asshole on the way to the revolution. And although we are finishing this glorious chapter of anarchism in Dresden, the class war is still going on and we are not giving up… as well as not moving to the bourgeoisie as many of our enemies from left did!

And to quote the last words of Michael Bakunin for Circle-A before the death:
“So long and see you in hell suckers!”

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