Mayday rally

Since earliest times, anarchists have been fighting for the workers’ movement, be it through militant strikes like the enforcement of the legal recognition of the 8-hour day, by distributing their own newspapers or as a driving force in trade unions.May Day is anarchist in nature and should be used to commemorate achievements and develop further ideas for a better society.

We demand the abolition of the capitalist system of exploitation.  We demand a just world in which all can participate according to their abilities and are supported in their needs.  We demand a world in which crises are not solved in an authoritarian way but in solidarity and community.For this we have to unite our struggles. For a feminist, climate-just and free society.

For our own ideas and practically lived alternatives!
On May 1st and every day!

For the anarchist 1st of May in Dresden we have planned a rally at Artesischer Brunnen (at Albertplatz) starting at 2pm. There will be various speeches on socially relevant topics, such as radical reduction of working hours, increasing the cost of housing and a look at global events. You will also have the opportunity to visit different info booths, e.g. from malobeo, FAU, tierbefreiung dresden, Zapatistas and Queer Pride DD.
Furthermore, we will again offer open formats and small workshops that are interactive to pick up people and exchange content. For this we want to create a cozy living room atmosphere. Please bring blankets and pillows to support us. A cup of your own for coffee and tea to go with the vegan cake can’t hurt either.
Come by and let’s have an informative and creative May Day together! 

For more anarchy and solidarity in everyday life!
Out to the anarchist 1st of May!

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