Elephant in the Room #42 – Situation of prisoners in Ukraine and Russia during the war

The war in Ukraine has kept everyone’s attention for over eight months now. Many were horrified by the atrocities that accompany war efforts and are ongoing. We see dead soldiers, tortured civilians, sad faces of those who found their relatives killed and happy cries of locals on de-occupied territories. However, not much is known about one of the most marginalised and invisible groups of the population – the prisoners.
In this interview with talk with Masha from ABC-Belarus, who wrote an article about the situation of prisoners in Ukraine and Russia. We focus on the situation of facilities in occupied territories, people inside the prisons, forced labor of prisoners and more.


Ukrainian Unity Alliance (provides legal and humanitarian aid to prisoners)
Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (prison monitoring, legal advice)
Ukraine Without Torture (monitoring and humanitarian aid)
Russia Behind Bars (follows news on using prisoners at war, provides consultations to prisoners and their families on evading the draft)

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