Fermenting Food Workshop 06.12.

Fermenting workshop. Lots of pickled pickles

Di./Tu., 06.12. @malobeo
🧅16:30 – Cooking together
🍜19:00 – Eating
🧨17:00 – Fermenting

Do you want to learn how to pickle and ferment and get to know some people meanwhile?

Together we will learn how to ferment different kinds of food. Food fermentation (and pickling) serves different purposes, from preserving big amounts of food to reducing cooking time, enriching food with proteins, amino acids, vitamins, blahblah. You can ferment or pickle many different types of food including olives, beans, grain, beets, cauliflower, cucumbers, garlic, onions, peppers, radishes, many types of fruit and so on. We will already have some food there, but feel free to bring some food with you that you want to share or ferment by yourself. Also bring some jars with you, so you can take it with you! <3

There will also be an opportunity to listen to a podcast by an anarchist Margaret Killjoy about preserving food: https://live-like-the-world-is-dying.pinecast.co/episode/a0e7d9fc/casandra-on-food-preserveration

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