Invitation for the first meeting at 1th of April 2017

AND (Anarchist Network Dresden) is an anarchist network of groups and different struggles inside the city. We want to create a way for people to get together and start working on issues that they think are important.

You are welcome to join the network simply by doing so. There is no official procedure for applying. We only ask to respect the shared principles.

We would like to see you at our first meeting on the 1th of April in Malobeo (Kamenzer Str. 38) starting around 4pm. After a short introduction of AND we want to talk and eat together.

One thought on “Invitation for the first meeting at 1th of April 2017

  1. Cool zu lesen, dass es in Dresden auch noch aktive Leute gibt. Leider kann ich am 01.04. nicht zugegen sein, wird es eine ähnliche Veranstaltung in naher Zukunft noch einmal geben?

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