24.06.2017 Open meeting of Anarchist Network Dresden

We would like to invite you to the next open meeting of our network that will happen in Alaunpark at 12:00 on 24.06.2017.

As the meeting takes place at 12:00 we would like to have a nice brunch together in informal atmosphere. That means there will be space for just chatting with each other rather than having a formal meeting.

During brunch we will also have a short introduction into network for those new to it. So feel free to come even if you were not there before!

After brunch we will have a short round of what was going on, shortly discuss pressing topics and move as usual to the smaller groups where you can join directly existing initiatives, or form up new ones that might be of interest for you!

For now existing project that are open for participation are:

1. Anarchist Radio
2. Organizing group of libertarian days
3. Anarchist newspaper/magazine for Dreden
4. Promotion of the network in the city

Existing groups doesn’t mean that you can’t initiate your own topic that you consider of interest! Just come and speak to us – we are open for suggestions.

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