First edition of Dresden anarchist Info-bulletin

There is a lot of information available on internet about everything that is happening in Dresden and outside of the city. Sometimes it feels that there is just too much and it is easy to get lost in all the available information. Instead of starting yet another website with information about anarchism in Dresden we would like to get back to paper and compile information through that old way of communication.

That’s why some of us in Anarchist Network Dresden decided to start the project of info-bulletin, where we gather different news, articles and events to publish every three month in Dresden and distribute among those who might be interested in this information.

Please send us your events, analytical articles, graphic work, comics, short stories or just reviews of actions that you would like to share with people. It is worth noting that our plan is to focus more on Dresden and not on everything together – for that there are bigger editions, for example Gaidao or Direkt Aktion.

The deadline for the materials is 15.07.2017 – the first edition is expected to be printed at the end of July 2017.

Editing Collective

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