Rally for the international non-binary-day

Rally of the TIN* Network Dresden
Thursday, 14.07., 6 p.m. at Artesischer Brunnen (Albertplatz)

Alerta, Alerta Queerfeminista!!!

On 14.07. is international non-binary-day. This day is about making the existence of non-binary people and the lack of diverse representation in society and in the media visible. Our identity is denied everyday and we’re sick of this shit! For this reason, we take our anger to the streets on this day. In Dresden there has never been a rally on this occasion, so we are taking it into our own hands. Come all, whether affected or not, on Thursday, 14.07. at 6 p.m. to Artesischer Brunnen (Albertplatz).

We’ll meet on the streets!
TIN*Network Dresden

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