Solidarity Collectives – Interview about solidarity work with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is going on now for 5 month and our solidarity is still necessary. We talked with Yuri a member of the network Solidarity Collectives about the challenges the activists are facing within their work, why the initiative Operation Solidarity was transformed, what is the focus of the new initiative and what are the wishes and advises towards the comrades from abroad.

Hi! We are the ‘Solidarity Collectives’ volunteer team. Previously, we worked under the name ‘Operation Solidarity’ but had to reformat our initiative. To find out why you can read our statement (

Solidarity Collectives is an anti-authoritarian volunteer network that unites several grassroots initiatives. We help the Ukrainian resistance movement to fight the Russian invasion, support progressive forces in this fight, help people who suffered because of the war and spread information about what is going on in Ukraine.

✊ What do we do:

Support anti-authoritarian activists, union members, and grassroots activists who’ve joined the military units. As of today, Solidarity Collectives regularly support about 150 anti-authoritarian fighters, many of whom are currently on the frontline.
Regularly receive and transport humanitarian aid to where it’s needed the most. Usually, it’s medicines, clothes, food, sleeping bags and mats, gas burners and fuel for them, and electrical equipment.
Participate in conferences and discussions, and speak with journalists worldwide to communicate our position – that everyone who shares values of liberty and equality should support our struggle today.

🤝 How to support us:

Everything we do is only possible thanks to international solidarity. So if you want to stop Russian imperialism or mitigate its destructive consequences, which are already turning into a humanitarian disaster too, you can help us!

💳 Our payment details:

Monobank (transfers inside Ukraine): 5375411415211403
PayPal for humanitarian aid only:

✉️ Our contacts:

Messages: @ContactCollectives
Networks: Telegram (, Instagram (, Facebook (

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