„We will not forget, we will not forgive“

Foto: Written at the spot of death of one of protestors in Minsk.

Today the first protester who was killed by the cops on Monday has been named by authorities. Alexander Taraikovsky was 34 years old. He was on his way home, said his wife but never arrived there or called again. Cops didn´t inform the family so the dead got known to them after two days. Our thoughts are with the family and friends.

Protest in more than 50 cities all around Belarus

Already at nine in the morning protesters started to form chains of solidarity or were marching through the cities. Like yesterday this protests are mostly organized by women. Today in more than 50 cities and towns protest took place. There is an interactive map now, where protests and strikes and other information are available. In general you could see that more and more people from different parts of the society are joining the protest. Families, older people, a lot of young people, as there are holidays and they don´t have to go to school.

In Zhodino 3000 people were gathering, talking to the mayor and demanding the release of the prisoner. Zhodino has one of the biggest prison colony complex in Belarus. 

Rally in Zhodino on Thursday, 14 August 2020.

National strike is growing

More and more people are joining the strike. Today 28 different factories and hospitals were completely or partially on strike in. Even workers from big state enterprises like Belas or Asot  joined. Also Railroad workers and a lot of medical stuff participated in the strike. 


Riot cops raided today to enterprise providing Taxis, Yandex and Uber in Minsk. After that they started smashing Yandex Cars. Taxi driver and their cars were already targeted in the night, because they provided transport to protesters. 

Lasst unseren Papa frei.

The more people get out of prison the more stories of torture are told

Most of the people still don´t know were are their relatives and friends.
But more and more people got released today from Minsk pre-trail prison Okrestin. Starting at 22:30 even groups of people came out. Families, friends and volunteers were holding protest rallies the whole day waiting for the people. 

People went through hell: 50 people in 4 person cell, torture, beatings, threat of rape, no water nor food, people were forced to sing the national anthem and got beaten… More and more people are giving testimonies about their experiences and posting pictures of their injuries. Yesterday night people recorded torture noises from the prison. Many of the detainees released from the detention facility on Okrestin are taken straight to hospital. 
People wanna collect all the incidents and start a tribunal against the torturer and murderer of the regime.

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