Zine: Hold together – Critique and Solidarity during Corona Pandemic – finally in English!

The outbreak of the Corona pandemic has ensured that the year 2020 will go down in history. In an attempt to deal with what is happening right now, we decided to make a zine. We would like to share our own perspectives, experiences and our discussions, and contribute anarchist perspectives to the debate. And of course humour, that should not be missing, although it has become quite serious overall.

We want to make a zine that takes Corona seriously, addresses the social conflicts, clearly formulates necessary criticism, takes up the less visible aspects, asks questions and stimulates discussions. Many people should be able to read it but it has not always been easy for us to describe complex issues in a simple manner. However, we have tried to do so by using personal experiences as points of reference. Continue reading „Zine: Hold together – Critique and Solidarity during Corona Pandemic – finally in English!“

Elephant in the Room – Conversation on Covid-19 between different anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios

We got together with different hosts of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios and podcasts from anarchist radio network to talk about activism in their region in times of coronavirus, new state regulations to control the population and challenges anarchist organizers are facing in times of total lockdown around the world. Solidarity is still our weapon even if we got less possibilities to support each other.

Radios on the panel:

  • Črna luknja (Slovenia)
  • Elephant in the Room (Germany)
  • Frequenz A (Germany)
  • The Final Straw Radio (US)
  • 13:21AM (Greece)


Elephant in the room – International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

A new decade has started on this planet. With the rise of right-wing movements and the slow decline of social democracy, we are looking into coming years of intense struggle with the state and capitalism. There are already many anarchists sitting in prisons for taking on this fight—forgotten or ignored by liberals and human rights NGOs for “violent” actions.

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Protest and Commemoration on Saturday, 15 August

It seemed like that on Saturday people went out to the streets almost everywhere in Belarus. There were a lot of small rallies in small towns and huge demonstrations in Soligorsk for example or more than 10.000 people in Brest. Protest was shown in diverse ways people painted banners, had balloons, flowers, big truck convoy in Lida, motorbike demonstrations… Solidarity was shown from medical workers for example or the stuff from the airport in Minsk.

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„We will not forget, we will not forgive“

Foto: Written at the spot of death of one of protestors in Minsk.

Today the first protester who was killed by the cops on Monday has been named by authorities. Alexander Taraikovsky was 34 years old. He was on his way home, said his wife but never arrived there or called again. Cops didn´t inform the family so the dead got known to them after two days. Our thoughts are with the family and friends.

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