Elephant in the room – review and update on protest in belarus an interview #19

For two month people have been protesting in the street in Belarus.

The 9th of August was the election day and Lukashenko hoped to be reelected like in the past 5 election periods. But this didn´t happen. First time in his ruling period real results were published. And to no ones surprise Lukashenko didn´t achieve 80 % as he usually orders everybody to announce.

Svetlana Tichanovskaja won the election, the women who stepped in running for president after her husband was detained, because he was a presidential candidate himself.

The situation exploded in several directions. people went on the streets and the police answer was brutal violent.

Two month ago we already had a show which focused on the circumstanced which lead to this uprising. In this show we give an update and a review on two month of protest.

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