Elephant in the room – review and update on protest in belarus an interview

For two month people have been protesting in the street in Belarus.

The 9th of August was the election day and Lukashenko hoped to be reelected like in the past 5 election periods. But this didn´t happen. First time in his ruling period real results were published. And to no ones surprise Lukashenko didn´t achieve 80 % as he usually orders everybody to announce.

Svetlana Tichanovskaja won the election, the women who stepped in running for president after her husband was detained, because he was a presidential candidate himself.

The situation exploded in several directions. people went on the streets and the police answer was brutal violent.

Two month ago we already had a show which focused on the circumstanced which lead to this uprising. In this show we give an update and a review on two month of protest.

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