Elephant in the room – Italy after first wave of coronavirus #23

In august 2020 we escaped Germany to visit some comrades in Northern Italy. On one of the super hot nights we recorded an interview with couple of them in their flat talking about coronavirus, self-organization and possible anarchist response to epidemic in the world without a state.

Download from archive.org – https://archive.org/download/italy_full_summer_2020/italy_full.mp3


„Solidarity doesn’t go into quarantine“ – Italian Anarchist Federation on COVID-19

In last weeks many of us have been wondering how to pursue political and syndicalist activity. We have already found ourselves taking difficult decisions, whether or not to cancel initiatives, demonstrations, strikes, rallies, assemblies and public meetings, even under the threat of a possible ban by the authorities. What is happening can have a significant impact on the reality that we are living in. At the same time as the actual health risks, the ongoing emergency process around the coronavirus issue raises very important questions in political terms.

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