Elephant in the room #37 – Anarchists and war in Ukraine

For weeks, Putin has been moving military forces in the direction of Ukraine. Over 120 000 soldiers with military equipment spread all around the border. The chance of military invasion is extremely high with Ukrainian government mobilizing forces and different countries sending military support. Putin continues to build up military pressure. Official reason: attempt to stop expansion of NATO. In reality, we see Russian imperial politics in action with an attempt to return influence over Ukraine.

Anarchist in Ukraine have their own perspective on what is happening as well as what can be done in upcoming situation. We spoke to the activist currently living in the country about past, present and possible future of political conflicts in Ukraine and outside it.

art – David Chichkan

Elephant in the room #34 – DIY Internet

In this episode we met with a tech comrade Bikepunk from France who is participating in the federation of small Internet Service Providers in the country. We will be talking about reasons behind DIY network approach and how simple people benefit from non-commercial network providers.

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Augustsendung des Anarchistischen Hörfunks aus Dresden – Internationale Solidaritätswoche mit anarchistischen Gefangenen

In reichlich einer Woche findet die Internationale Woche der Solidarität mit anarchistischen Gefangenen statt. Diese Woche gibt es seit 2013. Anarchist:innen weltweit rufen auf , vom 23. – 30. August Solidarität mit unseren Gefährt:innen zu zeigen.

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Elephant in the Room – Conversation on Covid-19 between different anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios #24

We got together with different hosts of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios and podcasts from anarchist radio network to talk about activism in their region in times of coronavirus, new state regulations to control the population and challenges anarchist organizers are facing in times of total lockdown around the world. Solidarity is still our weapon even if we got less possibilities to support each other.

Radios on the panel:

  • Črna luknja (Slovenia)
  • Elephant in the Room (Germany)
  • Frequenz A (Germany)
  • The Final Straw Radio (US)
  • 13:21AM (Greece)


Elephant in the room – Italy after first wave of coronavirus #23

In august 2020 we escaped Germany to visit some comrades in Northern Italy. On one of the super hot nights we recorded an interview with couple of them in their flat talking about coronavirus, self-organization and possible anarchist response to epidemic in the world without a state.

Download from archive.org – https://archive.org/download/italy_full_summer_2020/italy_full.mp3