Elephant in the room # 40 – No one will be left alone – prisoner solidarity in Belarus

Banner from Minsk in 2021 : Freedom is born in struggle

ABC Belarus is calling urgently for donations to continue their support of the anarchist and antifascist prisoners in Belarus. Since the uprising in 2020 the repression keeps going and right now there are 30 Antifascists and Anarchists imprisoned. The number is growing. In this interview a member of the solidarity campaign is explaining the recent situation in Belarus in general, as well as the situation of imprisoned people, how the repression is continuing and why so much money is needed.

Fundraising campaign: https://www.firefund.net/abcbelarus
Website ABC-Belarus: abc-belarus.org

One thought on “Elephant in the room # 40 – No one will be left alone – prisoner solidarity in Belarus

  1. I’m pretty sure you’ll not allow my comment to appear on your webpage. Why, right? Because if you’re really for democracy, you’d be able to listen to opposing views. Well, my view is such an opposing view.

    Under the white-red-white flag of fascist collaborators during WWII you march allegedly for democracy. In reality, you march for austerity which follows the long arm of the US. If you were for democracy, you’d accept whomever people elected. Instead you impose on people your will, financed by NED. Fake democrats, fake anarchists.

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