Elephant in the Room – Feminist Union Organizers in Sri Lanka and Indonesia #18

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This show was inspired of the recent strikes in Bangladesh concerning the garment industry. Due to difficult labor conditions and a lack of enforced work safety regulation the textile industry and especially the workers in those factories are facing many problems. One year ago we conducted an interview with two women from Sri Lanka and Indonesia working in unions with a feminist and queerfeminist mindset. Dian and Chamilla paint us a picture of the fight they are fighting and tell us about the demands they are making in their unions. These two extrodinary women told us first hand about their experience with union work in the garment business, battling not only for minimum wages and fair working hours, but also about the obstacles they are facing trying to organize feminist unionwork in a deeply patriarchal society. Additionally, we talked about the relation between feminism and fair labor conditions.

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Elephant in the room – International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners #17

A new decade has started on this planet. With the rise of right-wing movements and the slow decline of social democracy, we are looking into coming years of intense struggle with the state and capitalism. There are already many anarchists sitting in prisons for taking on this fight—forgotten or ignored by liberals and human rights NGOs for “violent” actions.

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Elephant in the room – Bringing down the dictatorship. Interview on protests in Belarus #16

Since Sunday streets in Belarus are filled with rage of protesters trying to bring down the dictatorship. People from all parts of the society have been clashing in the night of August 9 in 33 different cities around the country. They are fighting against president Lukashenko who is ruling the country for the last 26 years.

We got together with one of comrades from Belarus who is living in emigration and clarified some things that are happening in Belarus right now.

Lyapis Trubetskoy
Zdrada Pałki

Elephant in the room – authoritarian politics, anarchists and refugees in time of Coronavirus in Greece #15

In this edition of Elephant in the Room we spoke to our friend Michalis – anti-authoritarian activist from north of the country.

Coronavirus seems to provoke even bigger economical crisis than the one that started in 2009. The right wing government that came recently to power is pushing further the politics of Syriza on privatization and antisocial reforms. Meanwhile anarchists became the enemy number one for the greek state and right wing politicians.

We spoke to Michalis as well about situation or refugees in the country that are held in small isolated areas named by anarchists as „concentration camps“.

Taburo Bota
Villagers of ioannina city

Elephant in The Room – Interview with Yossi Bartal on being a leftist from Israel in Berlin #14

In this episode of Elephant in The Room we talk with Yossi Bartal about politics in Israel and Germany and how those are interconnected. We dive into details about how german left exclude anarchists and leftists from Israel who live in Berlin. We also talk about obsession of german left with BDS topic and how attacks on the small pro-palenstinian groups comes both from mainstream politics and anti-authoritarian groups.

Yossi Bartal is an activist and journalist who is living in Berlin since 2004. He contributed to many leftists magazines. One of his essays was included in collection „Anarchist against the wall“. He is also a member of „Jewish Voices for the Pece in the Middle East“.

Daniel Kahn
Poliana Frank / פוליאנה פרנק