Elephant in the room – conversation with anarchist from Belarus on politics in the country during coronavirus #13

In this edition of Elephant in the Room we are talking to a friend and comrade from Belarus, country that some call last dictatorship in Europe. Belarus is one of the few countries in the world that didn’t take quarantine measures against coronavirus. At the same time government was trying to prevent any information spread on COVID-19 in the country. With growth of the virus in society people started organizing by themselves to save community from virus and it’s aftermath.

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Elephant in the Room – Coronavirus in France #12

France is one of the leading countries in the world with amount of cases of COVID-19. The governmental response to the epidemic seems quite chaotic as in many other countries while the virus strikes hardest poorest communities in the country. We’ve invited a friend from Paris who came for couple of weeks to Dresden to talk about the current situation in the country and response to the crisis from different parts of population.

Collectif Mary Read – II

Elephant in the Room – Conversation on radical and anarchist Feminism in Poland #11


For a lot of people Poland this days associated with conservative politics, biggest nazi march in Europe and catholic madness. However beyond those topics reported in the mainstream media there is a lot going on in anarchist organizing in the country.

We invite two people for this conversation on history of feminism in Poland during so called communist regime and after neoliberal reforms. We also talk about the recent attacks of the government on women rights in the country and the organizational efforts made to fight back.


The Fight

Elephant in the room – Critical thinking in times of corona #10

The Corona pandemic is affecting all of our lives at the moment in one way or another. However as always in our society some people are affected particularly hard.Today  we want to ask ourselves – apart from the medical fight against the pandemic – what tendencies we can currently observe in the field of democracy, neoliberalism and solidarity. We look at the recent curfews, DNA sampling and telecommunication surveillance, who is affected particularly and what creatives forms of action and solidarity people take to tackel the situation.

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Elephant in the Room – Perspektives on womens prison #08

According to the Federal Statistical Office 2996 women were in German prisons on 30 November. Who are these women? What are they being punished for? How many of them even identify themselves as women? Prison fulfils a structural function, for example in the administration of poverty. But what role do women*prisons fulfil? How do they help to maintain a patriarchal gender-biased system?

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