Elephant in the room – Past and the future of the protests in Columbia #29

In this episode we are talking about situation with economical and social protests in Columbia in last months. What lead to this massive social movement? Who are participating in it and how you can support the struggle? We figure out this and many other questions with activists from the country.

Himno de la Guardia Indígena Guardia Fuerza ft Andrea Echeverry Ali Aka Mind Chane Meza



M-latts Dresden

Elephant in the room – Nine month after uprising in Belarus #28

In August 2020 the uprising against dictator Lukashenko started in Belarus, already before the re-election. After the falsified elections thousands of people went to the streets and were protesting for month. The regime hit back with massive violence. While at the beginning people were building barricades and fought the cops back, the liberals were calling for peaceful protest. This seem one of the key points why the uprising was eventually crashed by the regime. We talk in our show about the reasons why the uprising failed, about the resent situation in Belarus and ongoing repressions.


  • zdrada pałki – iz chernoy reziny sdelana vlast – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aolEC3SSpB8
  • DEADFALL – Цветы и пули – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6umwU_dxVU

Police in France – increasing attack on society since the state of emergency #27

In this episode of Elephant in the Room we got together with a comrade Jan B. who is active in struggle against police violence in France. We spoke about the recent increase of police powers in the country since introduction of state of emergency and how escalating police tactics are influencing the modern society.

You will also figure out why french cops bought over 80 000 balaclavas in last years and how police forces are resisting any transparency in their work. And finally you will figure out why the french police is becoming more and more openly fascists in last years.

Police repressions in the time of Coronavirus in Europe #25

With coronavirus shutting down different parts of the society and the state facing another crisis one of the institutions of power is on the rise. And we are talking about the police. When the attention of public is focused on survival, police institutions all around the world are making steps to make sure that we are coming out of this epidemic to the world of control and surveillance.

In this episode of Elephant in the Room we got together with friends from Spain and France to talk about the rise of authoritarian tendencies in their countries, political repression and where we are moving with this crisis.


Kronstadt – https://kronstadt-hip-hop.bandcamp.com/
Manu Haller – https://manuhaller.bandcamp.com/

Elephant in the Room – Conversation on Covid-19 between different anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios #24

We got together with different hosts of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios and podcasts from anarchist radio network to talk about activism in their region in times of coronavirus, new state regulations to control the population and challenges anarchist organizers are facing in times of total lockdown around the world. Solidarity is still our weapon even if we got less possibilities to support each other.

Radios on the panel:

  • Črna luknja (Slovenia)
  • Elephant in the Room (Germany)
  • Frequenz A (Germany)
  • The Final Straw Radio (US)
  • 13:21AM (Greece)